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Sweet Charleston Designs welcomes members of The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.

                    10% of net sale proceeds from the sale of items, by current members of Junior Leagues, will be donated to AJLI.


Sustainer Janie Manning and former member, Angie C. Buxton are committed to the continuing attributes of voluntarism in education for the benefit of women and children advocacy programs, as well as professional and personal life experiences.  Their combined Junior League experience gained from direct community involvement and successful participation as well as contribution to AJLI sponsered training is carried forward in the founding of Sweet Charleston Designs.  Manning and Buxton bring forward a message of preservation of art forms, encouraging educational programs to explore areas of historical interest and encourage both conservation and preservation of natural resources along our coastal and inland waterways.   

Janie joined the Elizabeth-Plainfield League, transferring to the Junior League of Fayetteville and is a current sustainer in Raleigh NC.  

 Angie joined the Junior League of Charleston and is currently inactive as she works full time to support her family.

                                               Members must enter Membership Code   AJLI during checkout from the on-line Shop

Proportional proceeds from our on line sales will be extended to AJLI and further provide employment for an independent order fulfillment retail company, therefore not altering our business plan as mentioned in our video "Around Carolina", by Richard Green of TWC.  We have successfully introduced several elementary classroom programs that allow us to to present the history of Rice and the Rice Winnowing "Sweet Grass Basketry" craft to students by organizing hands on basket making presentations by 4th generation descendants of basket makers.  Sweet Charleston hopes to one day assist the Beaufort County SC Open Land Trust in making available natural resources for basket creation by financial contributions. Junior Leagues affords Sweet Charleston Designs the opportunity to make difference in the lives of many as Junior League sponsored programs have direct impact on local communities and we applaud the women who continue to take time from their own busy lives to volunteer.

Janie and Angie


Contact Designers Angie Buxton and Janie Manning to learn more about our custom crafted jewelry designs.  We will be glad to provide guidance and direction for locating materials to use in classroom education about the history of Sweet Grass Baskets or sources for learning about current basket making resources.


The design team of Buxton and Manning are passionate in their pursuit of introducing jewelry designs which are reminiscent of America's Colonial Past and Coastal Settlements.  Founded in 2009, Sweet Charleston Designs offers a tribute to the historic art form of Sweet Grass Basketry introduced by enslaved persons from West Africa beginning in the late 1600's.  Sweet Grass Baskets played a significant role in the production of Rice.  Serving as a Rice Winnowing tool, the Sweet Grass Basket is created with once abundant natural resources found along the coastal and inland waterways. Each baskets uses bull rush, sweet grass, long needle pine, secured in place by palmetto frowns, to form an ancient coiled pattern from a faraway home land. These magnificent basket making skills continue to be passed from generation to generation. A drive along the famous US 17 Highway near Charleston, South Carolina gives a glimpse into the story of the crafts survival after the decline of Rice production post Civil War.  Angie and Janie encourage visitors and locals to stop and learn about sweet grass basket history from perhaps a third, fourth or fifth generation basket maker as they share the honor of producing the oldest recognized African American Art Form in our country.  The original baskets are not limited specifically to Charleston, and may be found along what is now known as the "Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor", a designation from the National Park Service and extends from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia to Florida.


Product Care and Cleaning

Sweet Charleston Designs will exchange products that are received with manufacturing related defects only.  Repairs are offered for damages due to wear and charges must be authorized prior beginning repair work.  All sterling silver is gently darkened to highlight the illustration of the natural materials found in Sweet Grass Baskets and will darken over time.  Please exercise caution when cleaning to avoid damaging the intended look of the product.  Use soft cleaning cloth, never chemicals, steam or sterling silver polish.  

All Purchases are Final Sales

Returns for credit will not be authorized.  Custom orders require payment in advance.  Delivery dates are typically three - six weeks, special orders or custom design work is generally eight weeks, depending on request.  These orders are entirely custom and your patience to get the product perfect is appreciated.

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